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March 18, 2020 Homily

In today's readings, we are reminded that truth is founded upon the written word and oral tradition.

March 19 Saint Joseph

St. Joseph reminds us to practice fidelity and perseverance during times of uncertainty.

March 20 Gospel and Reflection

March 20's Daily Gospel and Reflection

IV Domingo de Cuaresma

El padre Carter lee el Evangelio de hoy del hombre nacido ciego, luego ofrece una meditación y predica.

Homily for 4th Sunday in Lent

The Man Born Blind

Practicing Precautions, Practicing the Faith

Gospel and Reflection, plus a few considerations on our current state.

March 24 Gospel and Reflection

The Healing of the Paralytic

Solemnity of the Annunciation

Announcements happen all the time. What makes this one different? How our lives can be annunciations to others of God's abiding love for them.

March 26 Gospel and Reflection

Jesus' words are not enough for the Jews, but Jesus tells them that there is more than just his own words that testify to his preaching.

Homilía del V Domingo de Cuaresma

La homilía del p. Carter tomada de la misa dominical celebrada el quinto domingo de Cuaresma. La resurrección de Lázaro y lo que significa para nosotros sufrir.

5th Sunday of Lent: The Raising of Lazarus

Father Carter offers some thoughts on the Gospel of John 11:1-45, the Raising of Lazarus. After a reflection, he offers a message to parishioners regarding the church remaining open and the Church offering indulgences during this time of suffering.

Forgiving the Adulteress

In today's Gospel, a woman who has committed adultery is brought before him, the accusers ready to stone her. After he causes them to drop their stones and go away, there is a wonderful exchange of absolution and "sending" to live a reformed life.

Where I Am Going, You Cannot Come

Christ confronts the Pharisees because they do not believe that he is the Messiah, but warns them that if they do not believe in him, they will continue to search for a Messiah and die in sin.

Come Get Your Palms!!

Father Carter announces that parishioners can drive-thru the parish parking lot to receive blessed palms and pamphlets that can be used to lead your household in a Palm Sunday procession in your homes! Visit holycrossnc.org for a map and a PDF of the prayers.

April 3 Reflection and Holy Week Updates

Tune in today to hear a short reflection on today's Gospel reading (John 10:31-42), as well as our plans that are forming for Holy Week.

Palm Sunday Reflection

Christ enters triumphantly into Jerusalem as king and Messiah. Judas hangs himself. Mary accompanies Christ, and now us, in all suffering and tribulation.

Mary Magdalene and Judas Iscariot

Mary Magdalene anoints Christ's feet with oil. Judas is indignant. Let us prepare with Mary Magdalene to accompany Christ to the Cross.

My Thoughts on Covid-19

Let's talk plague! The models don't lie? The help of sheltering in place cannot be measured. When will we get "back to normal"? The "longest week" versus "Holy Week." Who's to blame for us being stuck at home?

Holy Saturday Message

Tune in live to Sunday morning Easter Mass at 8am: https://youtu.be/eDPdMPCtzqc.

Easter Sunday Homily

Easter Sunday Mass homily recorded during the live broadcast of Mass. The Gospel comes from St. John 20:1-9.

Easter Friday Gospel and Reflection

Jesus appears to the disciples as they are fishing. They do not recognize his appearance, but do recognize him by what he commands them. He eats a meal with them by a charcoal fire.

Easter Saturday Gospel and Reflection

Mary Magdalene and the disciples on the way to Emmaus do not convince the other disciples about our Lord's Resurrection. Jesus upbraids them for their unbelief and gives them the great commission to baptize. Wherein Fr. Carter rants about the "reformed" lectionary.

Divine Mercy and Confession

The Gospel for Divine Mercy Sunday is read and Fr. Carter goes over what makes a good confession.

Jesus and Nicodemus

Nicodemus questions Jesus. Jesus corrects Nicodemus' failure to believe in a spiritual rebirth. Jesus uses the image of Moses raising up a serpent in the desert.

Faith Lived through Works

Jesus says to Nicodemus that the works done in the light are wrought by God. There are a number of other passages that show that faith alone is not what God asks of us, but deeds of love done because of our faith.

COVID-19: An Interview with a Counselor

Fr. Carter interviews Tyler Kramer, a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor who practices in Mecklenburg County. Tyler gives some great insights on how we all can cope with stress and anxiety. He speaks about married couples facing tensions and conflict. He speaks about what different things children need in these times, as well as concrete advice for teenagers.

Homily for the Third Sunday of Easter

From the live broadcast of Mass, the Gospel is the appearance of Jesus to two disciples on the way to Emmaus. Through the Scriptures, Christ brings us into full participation in the Eucharist.

Clinging to Christ

As Christ promises to not lose anything given to him, we must also promise to not lose the divine life that Christ gives to us.

Holy Communion of the Trinity

As the three persons are bound together in a holy union of love, the Holy Eucharist binds us to the Trinity in love.

Good Shepherd Sunday

Christ teaches his disciples in the image of a shepherd and sheep. He identifies himself as the sheep gate.

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