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Corpus Christi Homily

Eat my flesh, drink my blood, and you will have eternal life.

The Mystery of the Trinity

Trinity Sunday homily from Holy Cross.

Render to God what is God's

Christ is asked about paying taxes. He confounds those present with his response. But the subtext teaches us what we are to render to God.

Sunday Obligation

What's a precept and how is it different than a commandment? As we get used to a "normal" schedule at Holy Cross, many parishioners still have questions about whether they are obligated to go to Mass on Sundays.

Ascension Sunday Homily

Sunday homily for the Solemnity of Ascension from the parish's Sunday Mass.

Dcn Tim - Grief Turned into Joy

Deacon Tim reflects on Jesus' meaning that pain, sorrow, and grief pass because God always reveals his great providence in drawing closer to Him.

Paul, A Preacher Rejected

Paul's preaching in Greece is rejected by those in the main square. A few are curious, a handful become disciples. Paul gives us a good example of what to do when we witness to Jesus Christ and our witness is rejected.

I Will Send the Spirit of Truth

Jesus promises to send another Advocate. After Philip's preaching and baptisms in Samaria, Peter and John travel their to confer the sacrament of Confirmation.

If The World Hates You

To follow in the footsteps of Christ also means to know rejection by those in the world. Carry the peace of Christ within you anyway.

As Lockdowns End

Let's talk getting back to church and these new "spikes" in COVID-19 cases in our area/county.

Who Is Saint Matthias?

On this Feast of Saint Matthias, we look at how he was chosen to replace Judas, what the rest of his ministry might have looked like, and how this ancient choosing of an apostle lays the foundation for the choosing of bishops.

My Peace I Give To You: A Reflection with Deacon Tim

Deacon Tim offers a salient reflection on today's Gospel regarding the peace that Jesus gives and the same peace that we must rely on in these times.

5th Sunday of Easter - Gospel and Homily

I am the way, the truth, and the life — the Gospel and Homily cut from today's Mass for the 5th Sunday of Easter.

COVID-19 and Staying Sane: Part 2

A second interview with Tyler Kramer, mental health counselor, on the different ways to take care of our mental health during these uncertain days.

Will All Be Saved?

Jesus says that he has come not to judge but to save. Does this mean that all will be saved? Exposing the heresy of universalism.

The "Catholic" Bible

Many Protestant Bibles differ in the number of books in the New and Old Testament. Fr. Carter explains why the differences arise and why Catholics have "more books" in the Bible than other communities and churches.

Good Shepherd Sunday

Christ teaches his disciples in the image of a shepherd and sheep. He identifies himself as the sheep gate.

Holy Communion of the Trinity

As the three persons are bound together in a holy union of love, the Holy Eucharist binds us to the Trinity in love.

Clinging to Christ

As Christ promises to not lose anything given to him, we must also promise to not lose the divine life that Christ gives to us.

Homily for the Third Sunday of Easter

From the live broadcast of Mass, the Gospel is the appearance of Jesus to two disciples on the way to Emmaus. Through the Scriptures, Christ brings us into full participation in the Eucharist.

COVID-19: An Interview with a Counselor

Fr. Carter interviews Tyler Kramer, a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor who practices in Mecklenburg County. Tyler gives some great insights on how we all can cope with stress and anxiety. He speaks about married couples facing tensions and conflict. He speaks about what different things children need in these times, as well as concrete advice for teenagers.

Faith Lived through Works

Jesus says to Nicodemus that the works done in the light are wrought by God. There are a number of other passages that show that faith alone is not what God asks of us, but deeds of love done because of our faith.

Jesus and Nicodemus

Nicodemus questions Jesus. Jesus corrects Nicodemus' failure to believe in a spiritual rebirth. Jesus uses the image of Moses raising up a serpent in the desert.

Divine Mercy and Confession

The Gospel for Divine Mercy Sunday is read and Fr. Carter goes over what makes a good confession.

Easter Saturday Gospel and Reflection

Mary Magdalene and the disciples on the way to Emmaus do not convince the other disciples about our Lord's Resurrection. Jesus upbraids them for their unbelief and gives them the great commission to baptize. Wherein Fr. Carter rants about the "reformed" lectionary.

Easter Friday Gospel and Reflection

Jesus appears to the disciples as they are fishing. They do not recognize his appearance, but do recognize him by what he commands them. He eats a meal with them by a charcoal fire.

Easter Sunday Homily

Easter Sunday Mass homily recorded during the live broadcast of Mass. The Gospel comes from St. John 20:1-9.

Holy Saturday Message

Tune in live to Sunday morning Easter Mass at 8am: https://youtu.be/eDPdMPCtzqc.

My Thoughts on Covid-19

Let's talk plague! The models don't lie? The help of sheltering in place cannot be measured. When will we get "back to normal"? The "longest week" versus "Holy Week." Who's to blame for us being stuck at home?

Mary Magdalene and Judas Iscariot

Mary Magdalene anoints Christ's feet with oil. Judas is indignant. Let us prepare with Mary Magdalene to accompany Christ to the Cross.

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